Cruiseship Job Hunting Guide

Cruise Industry Jobs: Preparing an Application Package

Every professional position demands certain standards and minimum requirements from its candidates. Though almost everyone from around the world can apply for a position onboard and onshore cruise ship job, you need to include at least these points below in your application to ensure maximum attention from the cruise ship employer:


After you have determined which specific job and cruise ship you are going to apply for, here are some tips to make sure your resume or application is read. It should:


•  Be typewritten and neat.


•  Be in English and should acknowledge any other language skills and fluencies.


•  Include your home telephone number as well as an alternate number where you can be reached.


• Include your employment history in reverse order (current job first).


• Include your education history. (Required Certification and Training Programs)


• Include any talents or skills that you believe are relevant to the job you are applying for or that demonstrate your skills in dealing with people or working on a team.


• Include references that the cruise line can contact.


• Include a well-written cover letter that explains what skills and competencies you can bring to the job for which cruise job positions you are applying.


If you bring out all the above with you, then you’re close to bagging the job. The rest is attitude and preparation. You have to at least offer what they expect of you considering the benefits and income that come with the job. Each onboard job has the same basic requirements, apart from knowledge that is related to certain higher positions one is taking up.


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