Cruiseship Job Hunting Guide

Required Certification and Training Programs

If you ever thought working onboard a cruise ship requires no qualifications, think again. Cruise ship recruitment is tough, as working onboard is very demanding. Cruise ship employers want to hire only the best, since providing a safe and luxurious experience for passengers is of topmost priority.

Those with seagoing qualifications will always be in demand on a cruise ship, whether as deck officers, chief engineers or any of the many people who keep a ship afloat. It’s in these seagoing jobs that there is a definite career structure. But while the most senior of these posts will be filled by people with professional maritime training – either those who have cut their teeth by working on tankers or container ships, or who have trained up through the cruise ships from a more junior level – there are now jobs available for people freshly trained .

So if you’re gunning for a cruise ship job but have no relevant experience, be prepared to start from the very bottom, and accompanied by the right attitude and ability, you’ll be working your way up in time to come.


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