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Cruise Ship Job Scams

We understand how much you are eager to call a cruise ship job your own but you need to be very careful and aware of the fact that the more popular something is, the more targeted it is by scam. Do not simply put your trust on some advertisement that asks you to do something that is out of ordinary from a normal job application. You have to bear in mind that there is not a single dime that expects of you to proceed with your cruise job application. Cruise ship job application procedures are same like any other normal onshore jobs.


We have already reported several cruise ship job scams on this website. Because we receive dozens of emails from victims of these fraudulent schemes every month, we’ve decided to summarize what we’ve gathered so far.


Spot a Scam


Employment scams tend to have the following features:


* Jobs are advertised on free websites. Scammers don’t like to pay to advertise jobs that don’t exist.
* Scammers send emails from free email accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail, ZZN, Hotmail, etc.
* All correspondence from scammers is in poor English and very unprofessional (e.g. saying “God bless you” at the end, etc.)
* Be extremely careful when dealing with someone pretending to be a recruiter from Ghana or Malaysia. There are known scam schemes operating from these countries. They change their names on weekly basis.
* Some scammers claim to have branches or headquarters in the “Western World”, e.g. in the USA, Canada, or United Kingdom. However, addresses and telephone numbers they provide do not exist.
* Most cruise ship job scammers don’t charge admin fees. You get a job offer for free. You just need to pay for visa, lawyer fees, etc. Don’t pay, the job offer is fake, you’ll lose your money.
* Remember, sending money via MoneyGram or Western Union isn’t safe. Savings of too many good people ended up in fraudsters’ pockets.


Getting a job on a cruise ship is a very difficult and lengthy process. If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely isn’t true! (Finding a Job in the Cruise Industry)


Known Employment Scams


Following is a list of known fictitious companies that pretend to be legitimate agencies for employment on cruise ships:


* Aftermath Shipping GH Ltd (Ghana)
* Agora Global Holdings (Malaysia)
* Ausi Cruise Line (Malaysia)
* Australasian Cruise Line International (Malaysia)
* Baltic Tourist Shipping Line (Ghana, United Kingdom)
* Blue Sea Shipping Company (Ghana)
* Canadian Cruise Shipping (Canada and Malaysia)
* Captains Shipping Line (Ghana)
* Crown Cruise Liners, Crown Cruiseliners International (Malaysia)
* Cruise Canadian Line (Malaysia)
* Cruise Careers (Wyoming Canada)
* Cruise International (New Brunswick Canada)
* Cruise Services International (United Kingdom)
* Cuise Ship Service Line Canada (Canada, Malaysia)
* Cruiseship Global Canada, Cruise Ship Global Canada (Canada, Malaysia)
* CruiseQueenliner Cruise Queenliner (Malaysia)
* Express Cruises and Shipping Company, M.V.Custavia (Ghana, United Kingdom, Australia)
* Fleewing International (California USA)
* Frontline Consulting London (Ghana, United Kingom)
* Geoluxary Cruise Lines Int., Geoluxury Cruise Lines (Malaysia)
* Global Arrow Shipping Line (Ghana, United Kingdom)
* Global Cruise Shipping Services (USA)
* Global Cruise Lines International
* Global Sea Shipping Line (Scotland, Ghana)
* Greenline Consults (Roland Botson, Mark Kyle) (Ghana, United Kingdom)
* Hawks Marine Cruises International (Canada)
* Highsea Shipping Line (Scotland, Ghana)
* Infinity Cruise Lines International (Malaysia)
* Intercontinental Spirit Ship (Ghana)
* Intercontinental Cruises Company London (Ghana, United Kingdom)
* Ivory Arrow Shipping (Ghana, United Kingdom)
* Jdak Cruises and Shipping (Ghana)
* K-shipping, Kingdom Shipping GH Ltd (Ghana)
* Malaysia Crystal Cruises (Malaysia, United Kingdom)
* Marks and Silogar Consulting (United Kingdom, Ghana)
* Maydott Cruiseline International (Malaysia)
* Midway Cruise Company
* Mutus Cruises (Malaysia)
* Ocean Village Cruises (Malaysia)
* Oceania Cruise Line, Oceania Cruise Company (, Malaysia, United Kingdom)
* Pacific International Shipping Line (United Kingdom, Ghana)
* Pan American Cruise Corporation (Berverly Hills USA)
* Pentagon Cruise (Malaysia)
* Royal Cruiseliner Royal Cruise Liner (Malaysia)
* Royal Festival Cruises International
* Royal Ocean Village Cruise International (Malaysia, United Kingdom)
* Salsa Cruise (Malaysia)
* Sea Wave Cruise Liner (Malaysia)
* Sealink Shipping Company Limited (United Kingdom, Ghana)
* Seek Work Consulting (United Kingdom, Ghana)
* Shipping Planet (Malaysia)
* Skylines Cruise International (Malaysia)
* Starcruise (Malaysia)
* Starline Cruises (Malaysia)
* Touchline Marine Cruises International (Canada, Malaysia)
* Transways Logistics (Malaysia)
* Velta Express Shipping Line (Ghana, United Kingdom)
* Vigo Cruises (Malaysia)
* World Cruize (Malaysia, United Kingdom)
* Xprex Shipping Company Limited UK (Bristol, United Kingdom)


All of the above scammers charge upfront fees or fees for visas and work permits. They have been repeatedly reported to fail to find any employment for their victims. If you come across any of the above names, please do not send them any money.


You are advised to take precautions in case the bad or the unexpected occurs without a sign or warning. Same goes for this. Cruise ship companies are like any other companies. You apply, attend the interview, you start work and the company will take care of your work permit, visas and other necessary legal papers. Please be swift to stay away as soon as you are asked to pay a certain amount of money just so that your application will be “entertained”. We’ve listed above the scammers you must avoid and we’re sure there are many other new scammers that are growing everyday out there, so please be wise and keep your ears and eyes open before applying.


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